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A unique solution for the needs of modern marine craft




Autosails Ltd., have been appointed the sail designers and electrical power plant designers and installers for the now famous concept designs by Pi Super Yachts 'Dragonship 80' and 'Dragonship 25'.

The AUTOSAIL is a most innovative and efficient design of sail, which has an elliptical shape and is set on a freely rotating cantilever mast. The masts are supported only by two bearing units, one at deck level and the other immediately above the top of the keel.


Both the boom and a set of full-length battens have a symmetrical aerofoil section, based on the NACA 00 series, to provide a three-dimensional shape not unlike a Spitfire wing or an elliptical spade rudder. A new design is shaped in a similar manner to the wings used on the Americas Cup vessels.


The double-skin sail is made up of separate panels, each with bolt ropes on upper and lower edges, that slide into grooves on the perimeter of boom and battens. each panel can be removed independently, for repair or replacement and is fabricated in a UV resistant soft cruising cloth with new options available in a sail cloth with solar sensors weaved in, creating an invaluable source of electrical energy.



After 30 plus years of research and testing, Jack Manners-Spencer and Pi Super Yachts Ltd have formed the company Autosails Ltd. to design, manufacture and install the sails of the century. Evolved as a low tech/hi tech solution for the needs of the modern commercial and luxury vessel along with solar power and electrical propulsion.



Autosails Ltd are totally committed to zero emission propulsion for leisure and commercial use through the use of wind power, solar power and high efficiency fast recharge electrical storeage capacitors.


Autosails uses the very best advancement in technology to combine with the Autosails to get the very best performance from your vessel be it 25' long or 500' long.